The spiritual aspect of Columbus Christian is more than a single issue.  It is tied to all aspects of the school.  The main focus of the school is to provide educational excellence for students. This is accomplished through providing a biblical foundation and framework for education that does more than provide information; it reaches to the heart and spirit of a student.

Our goal is to produce students who understand God’s purpose for their lives and seek to live each day to honor Him.  We want students to understand the truth and live in harmony with it whether they are in the classroom, in athletic competition, in musical or artistic performance, or enjoying life with their friends.

Submitting the will of the human spirit to the will of the Holy Spirit is the real essence of spirituality.  Our education is designed to lead students into this understanding.

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      Columbus Christian School
      3170 Indiana Ave.
      Columbus, IN  47201

      Phone: 812-372-3780
      Fax: 812-372-3878
      Kendall Wildey, Administrator
      Angie Donnell, Principal
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      Our Mission
      Columbus Christian School equips students to know Jesus Christ as Savior and to be fully prepared to serve Him in everyday life.

      Our Vision
      Columbus Christian School equips students to lead Christ-centered, disciplined lives with a passion for learning, a heart for service, and a boldness to impact the world for Christ.

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