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Name Position Phone
Bailey, MaryAnn Middle School Teacher 812-372-3780
Bond, Gwen Elementary 1st Grade Teacher 812-372-3780
Brown, Glen Middle School Teacher 812-372-3780
Buterbaugh, Brian High School Science Teacher 812-372-3780
Carlson, Tammy Food Services 812-372-3780
Cox, Laura Guidance Counselor 812-372-3780
Gladden, Amy Elementary 5th Grade Teacher 812-372-3780
Gregg, Heather Middle School Assistant 812-372-3780
Hackworth, Sheila High School Science (A & P) 812-372-3780
Harvey, Kaitlynn High School Social Studies Teacher 812-372-3780
Heaton, Spencer Middle School & High School Bible Teacher 812-372-3780
Herron, Angie Elementary Specials & Middle School Teacher 812-372-3780
Humphrey, Julie High School Spanish Teacher 812-372-3780
Hunnicutt, Lori Elementary Bible Teacher 812-372-3780
Maurey, Mikki HS Assistant/Drama/Secondary After School Resource 812-372-3780
Potts, Marcia Kindergarten Teacher 812-372-3780
Ridder, Kevin Middle School & High School Bible Teacher 812-372-3780
Rogers, Anne Elementary 2nd Grade Teacher 812-372-3780
Rogers, Pam Preschool & PreK Teacher 812-372-3780
Sidener, Connie Elementary 4th Grade Teacher 812-372-3780
Sidener, Roy High School Math 812-372-3780
Taylor, Marilee HS English Teacher/Choir/Senior Project 812-372-3780
Wright, Kelley Elementary 3rd Grade Teacher 812-372-3780
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      Phone: 812-372-3780
      Fax: 812-372-3878
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      Angie Donnell, Principal
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      Columbus Christian School equips students to know Jesus Christ as Savior and to be fully prepared to serve Him in everyday life.

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      Columbus Christian School equips students to lead Christ-centered, disciplined lives with a passion for learning, a heart for service, and a boldness to impact the world for Christ.

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